Compliance and comfort, an indissoluble combination for FISA

Compliance and comfort, an indissoluble combination for FISA

FISA has always focused on finding the right balance between two fundamental characteristics for its seats: compliance with the required conformity and the greatest possible comfort.Not uncomfortable seats like ironing boards, but comfortable seats suitable for giving life to the best travel experience, and at the same time meeting the increasingly stringent regulations of the railway industry.

Andrew Shoenemann commented:
“We were presented with a range of seats to look at and we were able to find the best seat to fit the environment for our new trains and for the passengers.

“We’re very lucky to have been able to work with the seat manufacturer and develop his standard product further.” 

Jason Brandon, Brand Manager for Greater Anglia, said:

“We’re very aware of the problems that there have been in other parts of the country with seats on new trains and this is why we really listened to customers’ feedback and really wanted to avoid any mis-shaped seats or too hard a seat.”

“We’ve heard the feedback from customers, we’ve listened, and we care about them being as comfortable as possible so we’ve selected a seat which is far more comfortable for customers.”

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