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  • FS 1650
  • FS 1650
  • FS 1650
  • FS 1650

FS 1650 / REGIORAIL FS 1650

Passenger seat for regional trains

Basic features

  • Self-supporting monocoque made of pressed steel sheet
  • Light alloy base frame equipped with floor/wall mounted steel supports
  • Liftable central arm-rest and fixed side arm-rests


  • Support for cantilever fixing
  • Handle on aisle side
  • Liftable side arm-rests
  • Tilting table
  • Removable headrest protection cover
  • Magazine pocket

Fire behaviour

  • EN 45545 (EU)
  • UNI CEI 11170-3 (I)
  • AFNOR NF F 16-101 (F)
  • DIN 5510-2 (D)

Mechanical resistance

  • UIC 566 OR, ORE B 106.RP-7
  • AFNOR NF 31-119

Adaptability to various types of installation

Wall-floor or cantilever installation in the following versions: single couch - two seater couch -  back to back.
Available in HK-PRM version with liftable seat and folding armrests.

Quick replacement of components

The paddings are slot in and are kept in place by means of a single fastening element only.
The seat covers are easily replaceable and are fixed by means of fabric straps with snap fasteners.
The average time to change the whole seat cover (2 pieces) is 4 minutes per seat.

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